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    A no-nonsense guide to sharing and promoting content on Twitter 

    @markcollier has posted a guide to sharing a promoting content on twitter on his blog. Take a look at his “rules,” and check out his blog here http://mackcollier.com/

    1 – Think about who you are trying to connect with. Once you figure out who you are trying to reach, then you’ll have a much better idea of what type of content they need. And if you can share valuable content with these people, that will improve the chances of them following you, and then promoting you to their networks.

    2 – Promote ‘helpful’ content as much as possible. Share content that educates, that solves problems. A lot of my content is based around 101 and 102 level social media how-tos and instructional articles and posts. Because ultimately, I want to reach companies that need help with using social media to connect with their customers. So sharing helpful content helps me connect with these people, and it increases the chance that someone will mention me if they are in contact with a company that does need help.

    3 – Sharing other people’s content increases interest in your own. I actually tracked this and saw the results on this site. When I share more content from other people, it drives traffic back here. Why? Because sharing useful content introduces me to new people, who want to check out who I am, and my site.

    4 – Promote the hell out of smart people. Seriously, when you find someone that’s smart, you cannot promote their content enough. This is why I promote almost every post that Beth, Lisa or Shannon writes. I know that they always create valuable and helpful content that will be appreciated by my network. That is always my main goal, give my network valuable content.

    5 – Don’t share content to get on someone’s radar, share content because it’s amazing. In many ways, you are known by the content you share. So go for amazing content, it matters not who created it.

    6 – Wrap as much amazing shared content around YOUR content as possible. Want to share your newest blog post on Twitter? Fine, but it will get more exposure and traffic if you also share 10 posts from other writers that same day. I’ve tested this as well, whenever I share other people’s content and mix MY post in with their posts, I get far more traffic.

    7 – YOU have to make your own list. This is my list. Make your own. And you can use this list as your starting point, but you have to tweak and tinker and experiment to find a system that works for YOU. This works for me, it might work well for you as well, or maybe you need to make wholesale changes.

    Speaking of which, what is your best tip for sharing content on Twitter?

    Mack has a really interesting blog, check out his argument of why your number of twitter followers is not an accurate depiction of your social media impact:

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    Top 100 Socially Networked Cities in the U.S. 

    The folks at Men’s Health put a list together of the most socially networked cities in the U.S., and the answers might surprise you. The top “Twitter Towns” are not the top 10 markets in the U.S., though some are (Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston), but instead a variety of cities within the U.S. that some could suggest is a more accurate representation of the U.S. population.

    For example, New York City ranks #54 on the list, a city that most would suggest is the media capital of the world. However cities like Salt Lake City Utah, Raleigh North Carolina, and Aurora Colorado are all ranked within the top 20 cities.

    Here is how the magazine conducted it’s research:

    We started by calculating the number of Facebook and LinkedIn users per capita, followed by overall Twitter usage (NetProspex). Then we looked at traffic generated by the major social networks, including Myspace, Friendster, Reddit, and Digg (analyzed by ad network Chitika). Finally, after factoring in the percentage of households that check out chat rooms and blogs (SimplyMap), we had the results you see below.

    Take A Look At The Most Socially Networked Cities:

    1 Washington, DC     A+
    2 Atlanta, GA     A+
    3 Denver, CO     A+
    4 Minneapolis, MN     A+
    5 Seattle, WA     A+
    6 San Francisco, CA     A
    7 Orlando, FL     A
    8 Austin, TX     A
    9 Boston, MA     A
    10 Salt Lake City, UT     A-
    11 Cincinnati, OH    A-
    12 Raleigh, NC    A-
    13 Burlington, VT    A-
    14 Portland, OR    B+
    15 Madison, WI    B+
    16 Dallas, TX    B+
    17 Portland, ME    B
    18 Sacramento, CA    B
    19 Aurora, CO    B
    20 Boise, ID    B
    21 Charlotte, NC    B
    22 Wilmington, DE    B
    23 Oakland, CA    B
    24 St. Louis, MO    B
    25 Las Vegas, NV    B
    26 Columbus, OH    B
    27 San Diego, CA    B
    28 San Jose, CA    B
    29 St. Paul, MN    B-
    30 Plano, TX    B-
    31 Tampa, FL    B-
    32 Nashville, TN    B-
    33 Los Angeles, CA    B-
    34 Phoenix, AZ    B-
    35 Newark, NJ    B-
    36 Miami, FL    B-
    37 Norfolk, VA    C+
    38 Richmond, VA    C+
    39 Chicago, IL    C+
    40 Durham, NC    C+
    41 Colorado Springs, CO    C+
    42 Des Moines, IA    C+
    43 Jersey City, NJ    C+
    44 Indianapolis, IN    C+
    45 Milwaukee, WI    C+
    46 Fargo, ND    C+
    47 Columbia, SC    C+
    48 Houston, TX    C+
    49 Philadelphia, PA    C+
    50 Birmingham, AL    C+
    51 Cleveland, OH    C+
    52 Kansas City, MO    C
    53 New York, NY    C
    54 Greensboro, NC    C
    55 Reno, NV    C
    56 Manchester, NH    C
    57 Providence, RI    C
    58 Baltimore, MD    C
    59 Little Rock, AR    C
    60 Louisville, KY    C
    61 Sioux Falls, SD    C-
    62 Omaha, NE    C-
    63 Pittsburgh, PA    C-
    64 Baton Rouge, LA    C-
    65 Lexington, KY    C
    66 Wichita, KS    C-
    67 Anchorage, AK    C-
    68 Lincoln, NE    C-
    69 Cheyenne, WY    D+
    70 New Orleans, LA    D+
    71 Tucson, AZ    D+
    72 Buffalo, NY    D+
    73 Honolulu, HI    D+
    74 Santa Ana, CA    D+
    75 Charleston, WV    D+
    76 Oklahoma City, OK    D+
    77 Virginia Beach, VA    D+
    78 Winston-Salem, NC    D+
    79 Tulsa, OK    D+
    80 Albuquerque, NM    D
    81 Fort Worth, TX    D
    82 San Antonio, TX    D
    83 Jackson, MS    D
    84 Chesapeake, VA    D
    85 Jacksonville, FL    D
    86 Riverside, CA    D
    87 Memphis, TN    D-
    88 St. Petersburg, FL    D-
    89 Toledo, OH    D-
    90 Corpus Christi, TX    D-

    Least socially networked
    91 Billings, MT    D-
    92 Fort Wayne, IN    D-
    93 Bridgeport, CT    D-
    94 Detroit, MI    D-
    95 Fresno, CA    F
    96 Bakersfield, CA    F
    97 Lubbock, TX    F
    98 Stockton, CA    F
    99 Laredo, TX    F
    100 El Paso, TX    F

    The list leaves me with a lot of questions, why are cities like New York ranking so low? But it also leaves me really excited. Excited because cities that I would never expect to be at the top (for example #13 Burlington, VT, #14 Portland, OR, #15 Madison, WI) are using social media more than we realize, people that we wouldn’t expect to, are turning towards social media.

    Let’s talk about the list, leave us your comments on the list, and questions that it left you.

    • kcreese 6:53 pm on March 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      i too think it is very weird that New York would be so low on the chart
      may sound a bit silly of a possible explanation for why this may be
      but perhaps New yorkers are too busy to be heavily involved in social media.
      also perhaps some of the suprising places are so involved because there is not as much to do around that area so their attention is turned to the internet and other forms of communicating to pass the time.
      i m just glad my home town is high on the chart 🙂 haha

    • clarehiler 6:58 pm on March 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Ha! What town is that? Being from New York myself, I think it’s because New Yorkers are so cynical about everything different, they typically aren’t the first ones to try something completely different and new that will take up, as you said, time!

    • kcreese 8:37 pm on March 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      haha Dallas! not the highest up there but a lot higher than i would have guessed!
      i would think that living in New York City would be so time consuming in itselfs….. seems like there would always be something to do rather than sit on a computer to read what other people are doing!

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