Check out a new program from Al Jazeera English called The Stream.

Check out their website here:

About The Stream:

Welcome to The Stream. Let us tell you a little about how we work. We’re a TV show and a website that tells the stories of our world through social media. Here on the website we’re using a tool called Storify to collect conversations from around the internet. Here, look – It’s a tweet from our host Derrick Ashong:

So that’s how we tell stories. But what kind of stories do we wantto tell? We’re telling the interesting and untold stories of our wired global world. You’ll see a few examples on our homepage and there will be plenty more in the weeks to come.

We’re working hard to find these stories – but you’re a bigpart of this too. We want your help. You can tweet at us, facebook at us, youtube at us, pretty much anything at us – including entering things into the “Feed the Stream” box on our site that looks like this:

Have a story you think we should cover? Tell us on Twitter and we might include your tweet in our very first web show Monday. And if you feel like you just can’t wait til the premiere – check out our promo below