New Facebook Research

Buddy Media came out with some interesting Facebook research today.

They looked at three primary success metrics in relation to Wall Posts:

  • Comment Rate: number of comments as a percentage of fan base’Like’ Rate
  • Number of ‘likes’ as a percentage of fan base Engagement Rate
  • A combination of the above factoring in fan base size

They came up with 5 primary take aways from their research.

(1) Post Timing (Hour): Brands that posted outside of normal business hours had 20% higher engagement rates on their posts.

(2) “Promotional” Keywords: Which keywords are most engaging when running a contest, sweepstakes or other offer?

(3) Post Length: Posts between one and 80 characters had, on average, a 27% higher engagement rate than posts with over 80 characters, yet accounted for only 19% of all posts.

(4) URL Shorteners: Engagement rates are three times higher for posts that used a full-length URL, as opposed to a URL shortener.

(5) Keywords: Keep it simple. The left hand column shows the keywords that generated the most ‘likes,’ while the right hand column shows keywords that generated the most comments.

You can check out the full report here: