Doesn’t 1 week feel like 10 years in…

Doesn’t 1 week feel like 10 years in Twitter time?

Here are 10 links we’ve come across in the last week to help your newsroom via @TweetSmarter & @iSocialTish

  1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Twitter Users
  2. 8 Twitter Tips for Making Deeper, More Meaningful Connections RT @jeanlucr
  3. The #Essential Twitter etiquette for commenting on tweets & blog posts
  4. Be *very* careful who you hire to manage your businesses Twitter account:
  5. Businesses sponsor university Twitter classes to get Twitter & social media help: RT @Flipbooks
  6. Twitter Finally Has HTTPS Settings
  7. Are you Clueless About Social Media Conversations?
  8. Fourteen Very Cool Things People Do On Twitter:
  9. Quick Twitter Tips: A Twitter Guide For Beginners
  10. Social Media: Personal or Impersonal?


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