The exclusive iPad newspaper The Daily was the…

The exclusive iPad newspaper The Daily was the first to shoot a news story on the new iPad2, but KBTV’s Mike McNeill could be first to do it on TV according to TVSpy.
“Being the first to be able to do this is the geekiest honor ever,” McNeill, a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy, told TVSpy.
The segment, covering St. Patrick’s Day, aired on the station’s 4:00 PM news and lifestyle show. This detail can explain why the story was allowed to air, and why viewers may have been quicker to accept it.
According to McNeill, the story was easy to shoot because of the “Facetime” feature which allowed him to watch himself while shooting the segment. What crossed my mind about the shooting though was how it could have been so much better. McNeill could have worked to make it so it didn’t look so amateur.
And McNeill will likely be doing more segments with his iPad. He’s now considering doing an iPad franchise for the 4:00 show.
Would your news organization shoot on a iPad? Or should this type of equipment only be used in breaking news situations?